Corelate has been established in 2015 to re-imagine and to re-create conventional menswear standards. Since the beginning Corelate aims to be a design brand based on three essential concepts: research, inspiration and creation.
The name itself recalls several ideas of harmonious combinations between casual chic and pure Italian sartorial references, contemporary designs and cultural exchanges, highest standards of quality and uncommon use of fabrics.
The continuous research into the past in different everyday areas is the core aspect of our identity and what makes us unique today.


We are curious. We look around the world to discover new horizons. We seek the influence of different contemporary cultures for a deeper and more sophisticated exploration. We transcend the genders boundaries across our creations. The goal is to make essential contents bound to our contemporary and wide menswear market. Modern aesthetic and innovative techniques allow us to be current and responsive in our work and to still merge the Corelate style with the bold eccentricity of the vintage taste.


A team driven by the same passion. Talents who gathered from different backgrounds to create excellent contents everyday and to reach the best brand strategy. A unique designer with a great experience in fashion and strongly fascinated by the 70s and 80s. Since 2015 the designer’s work has been accompanied by highly qualified and small Italian producers, being able to transform abstract style ideas into reality. That is what allowed us to believe in “Made in Italy” label and, at the same time, to preserve the philosophy behind the brand.
Different perceptions, different skills and key professional roles, a more structured company to come.

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